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Kerrie Martin MA, BSc, PGCE

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Passionate About Vision & Purpose

I would describe myself as a man of vision and purpose. I was made to lead a company like Achieve on Purpose because my heart has always been focused on the work of inspiring others to achieve their absolute potential. I have never settled for mediocrity in my own life and have always had a burning desire to empower those whom I see living beneath their inherent greatness.


My fundamental belief is that we are all born with potential, meaning that we are always capable of more than we currently manifest. The following definitions of the word potential exemplify this:


1. Possible, as opposed to actual

2. Capable of being or becoming

3. A latent (sleeping) excellence or ability that may or may not yet be developed


I have found that few things are more frustrating than seeing someone deciding that their current standing is actual and final, and as a result refusing to try to see what they are capable of and what may be possible for them.


Life is full of challenges and barriers, whether in school, college, work or even at home, but it has always been my fundamental belief that with vision, inspiration and strategized planning, the doors that appear shut can be opened. Anyone who knows me or who has worked with me will testify that I have never been afraid to challenge excuses or negative thinking and to use my experiences as a teacher, mentor, and life coach to pull out the best in others, even when they can’t see their own inner excellence. 


I am a strong believer in vision and its ability to change circumstances and this belief is summed up in the words of George Bernard Shaw;


“Some men see things as they are and say, ''Why?'' I dream of things that never were, and say, ''Why not?''


This is why I am where I am now. I want to awaken that latent (sleeping) excellence. 


At Achieve on Purpose we aim to equip giants so they start walking with the big, pounding, earth-shattering footsteps they were born with. I had no choice but to lead this organization, it was always in my heart, it just never left my head and so never announced itself to the world, but now it is here!

My Background
& Qualifications


  • Masters Degree in Human Services Counselling: Life Coaching

  • Bachelors Degree in Human Psychology

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education

  • 15 Years Teaching at High School, College, & University Levels

  • Certified Life Coach


  • Public and private schools

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Non-profit organizations

  • A Fortune 500 company

Places of Work


  • Personal Development

  • Positive Psychology

  • Fatherhood

  • Social Sciences

  • Life Coaching

  • Education

  • Goal Achievement

  • Peak Performance

Special Interests


  • Academic Coach

  • Advisor

  • Assessor/Examiner

  • Facilitator

  • Instructor/Teacher

  • Learning Strategist

  • Life Coach

  • Mentor

  • Teaching and Learning Manager

Career Titles
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