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Academic Excellence

“Excel by studying smarter not harder”


Kerrie Martin

Circular Library

What We do

Achieve on Purpose has developed a range of services including workshops and group coaching that aim to improve the academic outcomes of high school, college, and university students through the teaching of dynamic learning strategies.

We believe that attending classes and taking tests only form part of the story of academic success. Academic excellence is heavily influenced by first developing the fundamental skills, attitudes, and behaviours necessary for academic achievement.

Ultimately we show students HOW to learn well!

Professor & Students
Study Group


1. Improved Academic Outcomes

A study by Ohio State University found that:

  • “Struggling” high school students were 45%  more likely to graduate from college if they took a study skills class.

  • “Average” students were 600%  more likely to graduate from college if they took a learning strategies (study skills) class!

2. Improved Employment Outcomes

  • Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie-Melon Foundation surveyed 500 CEOs who determined that 75% of long-term careers success depends on the "soft skills” (e.g. time management, organization, goal-setting) taught in learning strategy classes.

Computer Learning

What We offer

We offer presentations, workshops, seminars, and coaching on a variety of specific learning strategies such as note-taking, memory, and exam preparation. In addition, we offer training focused on ‘soft skills’, such as active learning and time management. Soft skills make students more effective learners, more valuable employees, more effective entrepreneurs, and are essential in nurturing valuable professional and personal relationships. 

The approaches taught are based on well-established psychological principles and research evidence including a focus on:

  • Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

  • Atkinson and Shiffrin’s Model of Memory

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Topics offered include: 

  • Exam and test-taking preparation

  • Note-taking

  • Effective Reading

  • Engaged & Active Learning

  • Study planning & Time Management

  • Preparing for college/university

  • Academic Resilience & Mindset

  • Academic Goal-Setting

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