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Coaching can be defined as: 


“Helping people to set and reach better goals, do more than they would have done on their own, and improve focus so as to produce results more quickly”


Leonard and Byron as cited in Grodzki, L., & Allen, W. (2005). The business and practice of coaching. New York: W.W. Norton).


At Achieve on Purpose, coaching is always focused on helping clients to find the purpose behind their endeavors and then to assertively pursue success. Coaching sessions are based on the GROW Model (Whitmore, 2002): 


GOAL setting to outline where clients want to go 

REALITY checking to explore challenges 

OPTION strategies or potential courses of action

WILL-based actions 


Your coach will work with you to explore why you want to achieve your goal, how it can be achieved, and then most importantly, they will regularly work with you to hold YOU accountable to YOUR success.


We have a variety of options for coaching to fit your availability and budget.

In addition to ongoing coaching sessions, we also offer a variety of stand-alone services such as: 


Personal Vision Statements

Intensive Goal Setting

Skills and Purpose Inventory

In-person Coaching


Phone Coaching


Online Coaching

Email Coaching


Group Coaching

Christian Coaching is also offered for each of the above options.
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